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Hong Kongers paying too much for holiday airfares to some of the region’s most popular destin

The Easter break is fast approaching and Hong Kongers are likely to be paying much more than Singaporeans to fly to some of our region’s most popular holiday destinations, based on a recent analysis of airfares during Chinese New Year conducted by Jetstar Hong Kong.*

Jetstar Hong Kong conducted a fare comparison on several Hong Kong and Singapore routes during Chinese New Year.

Significant fares differences were found in the ‘dollar per kilometre’ fare costs, particularly to the popular destinations of Bangkok, Siem Reap, Yangon, Taipei and Hangzhou.


Av fare from HKG

$ per KM from HKG

Av fare from SIN

$ per KM from SIN

$ per KM variation







Bangkok (Thailand)






Siem Reap (Cambodia)






Yangon (Myanmar)






Taipei (Taiwan)






Hangzhou (China)






Jetstar Hong Kong CEO Edward Lau said the lack of competition in Hong Kong amongst full service and home based low cost carriers was contributing to higher fares when compared to other aviation hubs in the region like Singapore.

Over Chinese New Year, Hong Kongers paid significantly more than Singaporeans to travel to some popular short-break destinations
Jetstar Hong Kong CEO Edward Lau

“Over Chinese New Year, Hong Kongers paid significantly more than Singaporeans to travel to some popular short-break destinations,” he said.

“Destinations like Bangkok, Yangon and Siem Reap are basically the same distance from Hong Kong as they are from Singapore – yet we pay more.

“With Easter upon us, it looks like we will again be faced with the proposition of paying more for our flights.”

The analysis also showed significantly lower fares being offered by low cost carriers on routes operated by a mix of a local full service carriers and foreign low cost carriers.

For example on the Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur route, one LCC was offering average fares of over 50% lower.

“Hong Kong people will continue to pay high prices for air travel until there is a more healthy mix of low cost and full service carriers based in Hong Kong,” Mr Lau said.

“Hong Kongers will only have access to affordable air travel when we have a strong locally based LCC serving the needs of Hong Kong travellers.

“Foreign based LCCs aren’t driven by the needs and demands of our local market like a home based carrier is.

“Jetstar Hong Kong, as a home-grown LCC, will connect Hong Kong travellers to destinations they want to visit and end the era of exorbitant airfares in and out of Hong Kong,” Mr Lau said.

Mr Ensan Yuen Managing Director of EGL Tours, one of Hong Kong’s leading Travel Agencies, said, “More affordable airfares are likely to prompt more people to fly, especially Hong Kong people who have a big appetite for travel.

“Low air fares will surely help Hong Kong’s tourism industry to flourish,” Mr Ensan said.

Jetstar Hong Kong is currently awaiting regulatory approval. The company is progressing through the application process required to obtain an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and Air Transport License Application (ATLA), to operate as a home-grown Hong Kong airline.

Jetstar Hong Kong expects to contribute up to HK$8 billion to the Hong Kong economy per annum when it is fully operational. The airline is expected to create more than 1,000 employment opportunities, including 600 direct local jobs, by the time it grows to 18 aircraft.


Jetstar is a venture equally owned by Shun Tak Holdings Ltd, China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited and Qantas Airways Limited. Subject to regulatory approval, Jetstar Hong Kong plans to fly short haul services to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Greater China. Jetstar Hong Kong will operate a fleet of A320 aircraft configured for 180 passengers and is expected to grow to 18 aircraft in the first few years of operation. Jetstar Hong Kong is led by Chief Executive Officer, Mr Edward Lau.

* Subject to regulatory approval

捷星香港由信德集團有限公司 、中國東方航空公司及澳洲航空公司合資成立並持均等股權。有待監管機構審批﹐捷星香港計劃提供短途航線至日本﹑南韓﹑東南亞及大中華地區。公司將以載客量達180位乘客的A320客機營運﹐其機隊規模則可望於營運後數年間擴充至18架客機。捷星香港由首席行政總裁劉仲威領導。