What to expect at T4

Starting Tuesday, 10 November all our domestic flights to and from Melbourne will arrive and depart from the new, state-of-the-art Terminal 4 at Melbourne Airport (except for the handful of domestic flights numbered JQ1 to JQ399 that depart from the international terminal, T2).

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find once you get there.

Where is T4?

T4 is at the other end of Melbourne Airport from T1, our current domestic terminal:

Getting to T4

Access to Terminal 4 via Tullamarine Freeway is from an off-ramp before the traditional exit for Melbourne Airport. T4 also has a new short-term car park that includes a taxi rank and car drop-off/pick-up zones. The Melbourne Airport website has maps and directions on how to get to T4 and its new car park.

  • Car, taxi drop-off: Take the on-ramp to the new car park. You’ll get dropped off at Level 1. Walk the short distance from there to T4.
  • Car parking: Enter the new car park from street level. There are seven levels of parking, with disabled parking available on Levels 1 and 2. Park your car (rates) and walk the short distance from there to T4.
  • SkyBus: Get off at the first SkyBus stop (located between T3 and T4) and walk the short distance to T4. (Note: from December the SkyBus will stop directly in front of T4.)


Checking-in at T4 is quick and easy. Check-in using one our self-service kiosks. If you have checked baggage, drop that off at an automated bag drop unit along the back wall (see photo below).

Once you’re done, turn right and go up the escalators to get to security screening.

Central departure lounge

Once you’ve gone through security screening you’ll walk into the central departure lounge. Here you’ll get to relax, do some shopping, and grab a snack before your flight is ready to board.

The walkway that’ll take you to your boarding gate is at the far end of the departure lounge (see photo below).

When to go to your boarding gate

T4 is a ‘silent’ departure lounge so you won’t be hearing any boarding announcements over the speakers. Instead, you’ll need to keep an eye on the many flight information screens that will tell you when it’s time to go to your boarding gate.

Flights leaving within two hours will be shown on these screens with their status bars coloured blue (see photo below). If you’re on one of these flights, you should wait in the departure lounge.

Only when the status of your flight says ‘Boarding at Gate #’ and its colour changes to green should you make your way down the walkway to your boarding gate.

Boarding gates

Our boarding gates are located at the end of the walkway. It’ll take you a few minutes to walk from the departure lounge to these gates. Once there, queue up in front of your gate and then make your way on to our aircraft.

What if I’m flying in to Melbourne?

If you’re flying in to Melbourne on a domestic flight then, from 10 November onwards, you’ll also be arriving at T4.

When you arrive, the down-escalators from the departure lounge will bring you straight into the baggage claim area.

Once you exit the terminal you have several transport options:

  • Car: The new car park is to your right as you exit the terminal. The pick-up zone is located on Level 2.
  • Taxi: There is a taxi rank located on ground level of this new car park.
  • SkyBus: Turn left as you exit the terminal and walk to the SkyBus stop located between T3 and T4.

What next?

As we said in our previous post, we’re really excited to be moving in to Australia’s newest airport terminal and we look forward to seeing you there from Tuesday, 10 November onwards.

You can find more information about this terminal on our T4 page on And, if you have any questions, let us know on our Jetstar Australia Facebook page – we’re always happy to help.