What are the latest cabin baggage weight trends? Help us find out.

How have our cabin baggage habits changed over the last few years?

  • Do people still carry 2kg laptops or have many of us moved to iPads?
  • Would you put your winter boots in your overnight bag or wear them on the flight?
  • Do you need weeks of weight training to comfortably place your bag in the overhead compartment?

We don’t know the answers to these questions so, over the next couple weeks, we’ll be running a cabin baggage weight survey at some of our busier airports.

We’ll put weighing scales next to our boarding gates and, if you’re happy to participate, we’ll ask you to place your carry-on bag on those scales for a few seconds before joining the boarding queue. A computer will then record how much your bag weighs.

That measurement will be completely anonymous: we won’t record any personal information about you and the weight of your bag won’t even be displayed (it’ll only be logged by the computer).

Participation in the survey is completely optional and won’t impact your ability to board.

So, if you’re flying out of Melbourne, Singapore, Auckland or Sydney over the next couple of weeks and you see this flyer posted at the boarding gate, please place your bag on the scale and help us collect this data.


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