Nine years of Jetstar Asia - by the numbers

In December 2004 we launched Jetstar Asia with our first flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. We now fly up to 3 flights a day between those two destinations and, overall, operate about 86 daily services (or a total of 598 weekly flights).

In our nine years of flying we’ve:

  • Grown from flying 3 aircraft to 4 destinations with a team of 260 people in 2004 to 19 aircraft across 21 destinations with over 700 people in 2013
  • Sold over 70,000 tickets for SGD10 or less – helping people fly to more places, more often
  • Flown 18,425,759 passengers across 137,187 sectors (or on 68,594 flights)

We’ve also been recognised for our achievements:

  • According to Skytrax, we are 2013’s highest ranking LCC based in Singapore and the7th in the world
  • We were in Changi Airport’s Top 10 Airlines by Passenger Carriage list from 2007 to 2012 (Changi Airline Awards)
  • We are also this year’s Best Budget Airline according to AsiaOne People’s Choice Award (we were also voted this in 2010)

We’ve once again been nominated in the “Best Low-cost Carrier” category for AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2014. Vote for us here!

In our 10th year of flying we look forward to welcoming our 20 millionth passenger and will continue to offer innovative travel products and improve our customer service. We will also continue to offer fantastic fares – but low fares are just part of the story. What we’re really looking forward to is giving people the chance to fly to more places, more often, and within their budgets.

Here’s to a fantastic 10th year!

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