New Jetstar Asia-SATS partnership to enhance customer experience on the ground and in the air

  • New catering and ground-handling agreements to enhance customer experience
  • Jetstar Asia’s FAST options at T1 increases uptake by 10 per cent annually
  • First airline to introduce roving Airport Customer Experience (ACE) team with Max Airport Service

Jetstar Asia is poised to enhance the airport and inflight customer experience with two new agreements with SATS Ltd that will further augment the airline’s services provided on board and on the ground.

Partnership with SATS

Jetstar Asia has appointed SATS Ltd to supply catering and catering logistics on board all 18 aircraft, which operates more than 600 flights a week. From 1 August, 2017, the new agreement will broaden the meal options for customers and offer seasonal menus on-board all Jetstar Asia flights. Customers will also benefit from cross-promotional products between food and beverage and duty-free goods on board.

“With more than four million passengers flying with Jetstar Asia every year, the in-flight products are an important element in managing customer satisfaction. This new catering partnership with SATS will deliver fast, seamless and exceptional customer experience,” CEO of Jetstar Asia, Mr Bara Pasupathi, said.

“We are pleased to extend our long-standing relationship with Jetstar Asia to catering. SATS can offer passengers travelling on Jetstar Asia more meal options, with greater menu excitement, incorporating the latest food trends and festive specials. Passengers can also look forward to enjoying more value from inflight promotions that combine meals with duty-free items,” said Mr Alex Hungate, SATS President and Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, Jetstar Asia has renewed the existing ground handling agreement with SATS for a period of three years. The continuing partnership with SATS enables Jetstar to build on the operational efficiencies and pioneer innovative customer options at Changi Airport.

FAST first mover at Changi Airport

Jetstar Asia’s processes in managing the airport check-in experience has been the Singapore hub’s showpiece on how self-service can enhance the customer journey, said Mr Pasupathi.

Jetstar moved its counters to the heart of Changi Airport Terminal 1 in May and 70 per cent of Singapore travellers have embraced the self-service check-in as part of their journey – a 10 per cent increase every year since 2013.

The new Jetstar check-in area for all Jetstar airlines that fly from Singapore – Jetstar Airways (JQ), Jetstar Pacific (BL) and Singapore-based Jetstar Asia (3K) – is now double in footprint and located at Rows 8 and 9. The area also features 30 brand new self-service check-in kiosks and 20 automated bag drops.

Jetstar is the first permanent adopter of these new self-service options at Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Max Airport roving ACE team

Ahead of the opening of Changi Airport Terminal 4, Jetstar Asia is set to introduce a new passenger processing initiative that will complement the current flexibility and speed of self-service check-in options at the airport.

Known as the Max Airport service, Jetstar Asia is the first airline to equip the Airport Customer Experience (ACE) teams with iPads with the Max Airport application, allowing them to assist customers with document checks and the purchase of add-on items such extra luggage.

The Jetstar ACE team gives our customers a hassle-free experience, utilising mobile technologies to offer a simpler airport experience for our customers.

In the coming months, roving ACE teams will be able to check-in passengers, change flights, purchase extra leg room and even provide support for flight disruptions on the spot – without the need of check-in kiosks or counters altogether.

“The Max Airport service is yet another opportunity for Jetstar Asia to support our customers on the ground and to engage with them directly. Customer engagement is as important as customer satisfaction and we are confident that the new service will be a hit with travellers who may need further assistance with their bags and bookings,” said Mr Pasupathi.

“Our Service Ambassadors training programme equips SATS’ staff with both the technical and the soft skills required to connect and engage with passengers; enabling Jetstar Asia to deliver an elevated level of customer experience. In addition, SATS Integrated Operations Control Centre, co-located with key agencies at the airport, can minimise the impact of flight disruptions on passengers. With our SATS New Connect Service, Jetstar Asia passengers can enjoy shorter connection time and fuss free travel between our wide network of operations across Asia.” Mr Hungate added.