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There are 3 online scams going around that you should be aware of

UPDATE: Read our new post that talks about the four most common things scammers are doing in 2017: 'Four ways scammers try to trick and steal from Jetstar customers'.

There are currently three online scams going around that you should be aware of:

1. Fake Jetstar Facebook pages

From time to time fake Jetstar Facebook pages will appear, claiming to be giving away free flights. When this happens we report those pages to Facebook to have them taken down. This week, for example, we reported two fake Jetstar Australia Facebook pages (one called ‘Jetstar Australia.’ – note the full stop after the name – and one called ‘Jet Star’).

Before signing up for any Jetstar contest in your Facebook newsfeed, please make sure the account that’s running it is a real Jetstar Facebook page and not a fake one. This infographic shows you how to spot this type of Facebook scam.

2. Fake Jetstar domains

Customers have told us they have received scam emails from a website with the domain ‘’. This scam domain has since been taken down, but please make sure you check the URL of the site you’re on before booking your flights.

The safest way to do so is by manually typing ‘’ into your browser’s address bar every time you visit our website. (Or save this URL in your browser’s bookmarks/favourites.)

3. Fraudulent Jetstar vouchers

Scammers are selling fraudulent Jetstar vouchers online (usually via private Facebook groups, Gumtree or eBay). Customers who may have bought these fraudulent vouchers will find they can’t use them to travel on Jetstar flights. If the vouchers do work at the time of booking, the flights booked with them will be cancelled soon after.

Even if these gift vouchers were legitimate to begin with, they would become invalid once re-sold. Anyone who attempts to book flights using a re-sold voucher will have their flights cancelled. (This is the first line printed in the terms and conditions on each of our vouchers.)

The only place you can legitimately buy Jetstar gift vouchers online is from

Other scams?

If you know of any other Jetstar scams going around, please let us know. Quickly sharing information about scams is the best defence we have against them.

Finally, a big thank-you to all our customers who let us know every time they spot a Jetstar scam online. Your efforts are making the internet a safer place for everyone.


Read our new post that talks about the four most common things scammers are doing in 2017: 'Four ways scammers try to trick and steal from Jetstar customers'.

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Thank you for your message.
I got Scammed by Jetstar Club.

Auto Renewal not refundable?? Come on... I just got the credit card charge and you cant refund it? I Don't want to flight with jetstar ever again, why would I want to stay in the club??

Please try growing your earnings with good service for the people instead of stealing your actual customers..

Craig Mattiske
Received following today. I expect that it is a scam.
"Special Jetstar offer!
Your email address (deleted) was selected!
Please make sure you claim your chance to receive this $1,000 Jetstar gift voucher. If you don't, we have to give this chance to the next lucky finalist. Where would you spend your $1,000 gift voucher on?

Choose your dream destination down below! (Melbourne/Sydney/Cairns/Bali options provided)


Linda Swan
Received this link congratulating me on winning a $1000 fly voucher 11/10/2018
Joanne Kelly
I received an email stating that I had won a $500 flight voucher
Is this a scam
Jonathan Timbol
I received a text message from 5387 827 as below:
"From Jetstar: Check in now at We recommend you arrive with plenty of time ahead of your flight. Bag drop closes 30mins before departure"

janine rodrigues
I continuously receive text messages from JETSTAR (5387 827) advising that my flight is boarding and which gate I need to be at.

I don't even fly much with Jetstar at all. the last message I received was 3/9/2018 at 13:22.

it said:
Gate 57 is now open. Boarding is about to begin and closes at 13:45 sharp. Be at the gate in time and enjoy your flight. JQ515.

I checked the Jetstar website and the flight exists.

I wonder if someone has put my number in by error?
Valerie Chieng
Hi, I have received over 5 emails from Jetstar since booking a flight with you with the following message. They have my booking reference number correct also. I'm assuming this is a scam? Below is the email i have received multiple times. This was received not long after i received an email telling me there was flight detail change and was told i needed to choose my seats again. I did that and got confirmation email so hopefully that was legit.
11:01 AM (30 minutes ago)
to me

Dear customer,

I am happy to confirm that your refund request (Booking Reference: TIHQ3D) has been approved by Jetstar. However, we have been unable to process the refund as we do not have your complete payment details. This is due to either an expired credit card (Vi
sa/Mastercard as original payment method), or missing banking details (Bank Direct/Poli as original payment method).

Please contact the Jetstar Customer Service (details listed at the end of this email) with the following details handy to enable the swift processing of your refund.

For Australian & New Zealand residents:
Bank Name:
Branch Name:
Account Name:
Account Number:

For International customers:
Bank name:
Bank country:
Swift code:
Account Number:
Account Name:
Bank address (Optional):
Bank Code:

Credit card refunds (Visa and Mastercard) are also available for Australian and New Zealand residents. Please contact our call centre for more information. You will be prompted to provide your credit card number and expiry details should you choose this o

We will process your refund once we have confirmed your updated refund details.

Best Regards
Jetstar Customer Service

Jetstar Contact Numbers
AUSTRALIA: 131 538 (+61 3 9645 5999)
NEW ZEALAND: 0800 800 995 (+61 3 9645 5999)
CAMBODIA: 855 23 220-909
SIEM REAP(Anqkor Wat): 855 63 964-388
CHINA: 4001 201 260 (+61 3 9645 5999)
FIJI: 800 2171 (+61 3 9645 5999)
HONGKONG: 852 3192 7451 (+61 3 9645 5999)
INDONESIA: 001 803 852 9779 (+61 3 9645 5999)
JAPAN: 0570-550-538 (+61 3 9645 5999)
MALAYSIA: 1800 81 3090 (+61 3 9645 5999)
MYANMAR: 95 9 42111 6662 (95 9 42111 6663)
PHILIPPINES: 1800 1611 0280 (+61 3 9645 5999)
SINGAPORE: +65 6499 9702 (+61 3 9645 5999)
THAILAND: 66 2267 5125 (+61 3 9645 5999)
TAIWAN: 0800 185 2015(+61 3 9645 5999)
USA: 1866 397 8170 (+61 3 9645 5999)
VIETNAM: 848 6299 9399 (+61 3 9645 5999)
DANANG: 84 511 3583 583 (+61 3 9645 5999)
OTHER COUNTRIES: +61 3 9645 5999

Operating hours: 24 Hours, 7 Days a week

This is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply directly to this email.

This e-mail is intended only to be read or used by the addressee. It is confidential and may contain legally privileged information. If you are not the addressee indicated in this message (or responsible for delivery of the message to such person), you may not copy or deliver this message to anyone, and you should destroy this message and kindly notify the sender by reply e-mail. Confidentiality and legal privilege are not waived or lost by reason of mistaken delivery to you.

Jetstar Airways Pty Limited
ABN 33 069 720 243

T west
I have never flown Jetstar...ever! I have received 2 text messages in the past week from a 808 2 number, one saying my Jetstar flight is ready for boarding & another saying it ready for check in.
I will not click the link that is in the message as it is obviously a scam!
Emily Burton
Just received message that my flight 523 is boarding at 18.13 & I have no flight booked, possible other scam
Jetstar boarding pass sms being sent through and I am definitely not travelling anywhere. Has happened 3 times over past two weeks.
Jake Rowe
Just got this trough a pop up through FB I don’t know if it’s fake or not.
Marita Maglinao
Hi Marita,
Our 1-DOLLAR-FLIGHT giveaway has started!
Your confirmation is pending. Hurry!
Confirm it HERE >>
*This offer expires in 55 mins!
To Jetstar on top is a message sent to my phone today via jetstar,is this real or scam? Thanks
melissa oakman
theres one currently on facebook stating that jetstar is giving everybody 2 free tickets to celebrate 15 yrs of quality service.

This one was on Facebook claiming the reader could win a $1000 voucher.
lara cross
I got sent this via Whats App

Is it fraudulent?
Petra Jeynes
I just got an email to winning $1000 vouchers. You press the link it takes you to where you have to ring a numberand enter the 4 digit code they then say no previous enties detected and give you the code you type it in the computer and then its accepted They ask questions that show tge question on screen with 2 answers to pick from. You answer on your phone but pressing 1 0r 2 on the phone but when your doing this the butten on the computer is highlighted what you picked so I knew/ thought they have control of my computer. I hung up right away. shut down my computer. Affaid to open my computer don't know if thete is still access to my comp or not. was this a scam and if so does shutting my computer stop it
HI, Received an email with the subject line "The winner is: [ My name ]. Are your details correct?" from flight voucher winners
Ken Jones
I booked a flight with Jetstar and received confirmation of my booking which had incorrect flight details!
THe text came from phone no 5387 827!
Is my bank accounts safe now that I opened the link?
There is a Whatsapp Scam going around claiming to give 2 x free tickets.
they are telling people to click on a link
I think there is a scam going around saying get 2 free tickets send the message through WhatsApp to 15 people and claim prize