Joint Media Statement by Jetstar and Joseph Eakins

The following public statement is issued by Jetstar Airways and Joseph Eakins.

“Following discussions directly with Jetstar, I am pleased to accept the airline’s offer to be reinstated and immediately return to my role as an A330 First Officer,” Mr Eakins said.

“I will return to Jetstar on the same employment arrangement and hold my previous level of seniority.

“I welcome the opportunity to now rejoin my Pilot colleagues at Jetstar and be part of its future.

“The unfair dismissal claim I had made against Jetstar has now ended.

“My ambition is to have a long term career with Jetstar and I never intended my comments to bring into question the sound and proactive safety culture that exists within Jetstar.

“I apologise for any inference that might have been drawn from my comments that I was questioning Jetstar’s safety culture because that was certainly not my intention.

“I acknowledge that I made public statements in regards to Jetstar’s safety system and its safe flying operations, its Pan Asian network growth strategy and the level of remuneration of Jetstar Pilots employed in Singapore that could mislead the public and had the potential to damage Jetstar’s reputation.

“This is something I did not intend and which I regret doing and Jetstar has accepted my apology for this.

“Jetstar does have appropriate avenues for line Pilots like myself to effectively communicate to all levels of the airline. I am now aware of the best and most effective way to do this.”

Jetstar Australia and New Zealand CEO David Hall said he welcomed Mr Eakins back into Jetstar and was pleased that we managed to resolve this matter following direct dialogue with Mr Eakins.

About Jetstar

The Jetstar Group is one of Asia Pacific’s fastest growing airline brands with one of the most extensive ranges of destinations in the region. It is made up of Jetstar Airways (subsidiary of the Qantas Group) in Australia and New Zealand, Jetstar Asia in Singapore, Jetstar Pacific in Vietnam, and Jetstar Japan in Japan. Jetstar branded carriers operate up to 5,000 flights a week to more than 85 destinations. The Jetstar Group carried more than 37 million passengers in financial year 2017.