Jetstar's two new NEO aircraft arrive in time for Christmas

Jetstar is celebrating the arrival of two new Airbus A321neo LR (NEO) aircraft which touched down in Australia today to join its growing fleet.

The aircraft flew in formation from the Airbus factory in Hamburg and stopped in Bengaluru and Perth on their way to Melbourne.

The NEOs are the third and fourth aircraft in Jetstar’s A321neo LR fleet which will grow to 18 by the middle of 2024.

These highly fuel-efficient, longer-range aircraft enable Jetstar to provide more capacity and more low fares to more destinations.

The new NEOs will start flying customers this week on some of Jetstar’s most popular destinations including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Bali.

Next June the NEOs will also fly non-stop from Sydney to Rarotonga, Jetstar’s newest international route, announced last month.

With their wider seats, larger overhead bins, inflight USB charging and quieter engines, Jetstar’s NEOs also offer the best inflight experience of any low cost carrier.


Jetstar’s NEOs are:

·         50 per cent quieter than similar size Airbus A320/A321s.

·         burn up to 20 per cent less fuel to reduce emissions

·         have an extra fuel tank to fly further (about 3,500 nautical miles / 6,482 kilometers)

·         232 wider seats each with USB power

·         extra-large overhead storage bins with 40 per cent more space

·         coloured LED lighting to provide better comfort.

In coming months, customers flying on the NEOs will be able to stream Jetstar’s inflight entertainment on their own devices.