Jetstar to introduce world first SMS and automated check-in technology for users

Australia’s low fares airline Jetstar will use world first technology to introduce boarding passes via mobile phone text message (SMS) and 24 hour pre-enrolment check-in prior to the end of 2009 as part of a major innovation investment to revolutionize air travel for Jetstar customers.

Jetstar passengers who Web-Check for Australian domestic flights will soon be given the option to have their boarding pass and unique boarding code sent to their mobile phone via a standard text SMS message.

Unlike some other airlines who have introduced this technology to WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) or internet enabled handsets, in a global first, any mobile phone will be able to accept the Jetstar boarding pass via the common text message.

Jetstar plans to also introduce 24 hour automatic check-in to enhance the technological breakthrough.

This will allow customers who purchase fares via to request at the time of booking for the airline to automatically check the passenger(s) in 24 hours prior to their Jetstar flight departure with the boarding pass to then be sent via email or SMS text message.

The SMS technology has been developed by Melbourne-based company Sissit Group with which Jetstar has a Research and Development arrangement to create the world first technology.

The new SMS Boarding system will initially be trialed at Melbourne Avalon Airport with an anticipated Jetstar Australian domestic network-wide roll out by year’s end if the technology proves successful.

Jetstar Chief Executive Officer Bruce Buchanan said the technologies had been custom built for the Asia Pacific region’s leading low fares carrier, enabling Jetstar to introduce this method of SMS boarding pass and automated check-in for the first time across the aviation industry.

“These new world first technologies will make the Jetstar airport experience more convenient, hassle free and simpler. Importantly, it will also improve service levels from Jetstar Airport Customer Service personnel by freeing them to get on with the job of processing checked-in baggage,” Mr Buchanan said.

“Retrieving a boarding pass for a domestic flight will now be as simple as receiving a standard text message 24 hours prior to travel and having that SMS message electronically scanned at the gate to produce a boarding pass if you do not have bags to check-in.”

Jetstar has already introduced the ability for passengers to not only Web-Check for their flight three days in advance of their departure and up to 10 days in advance of the return flight.

Mr Buchanan said successful take-up of the technology, following the commencement of Airport specific trials, will be planned to be introduced in other markets including its domestic New Zealand services.

“The introduction by Jetstar of pre-enrolment for automatic 24 hour check-in makes this process even easier and more streamlined and we expect high numbers of people who already use our Web-Check service to nominate for this extra, time-saving convenience,” Mr Buchanan said.

“Well over half of our existing domestic customers now utilize electronic check-in options in terms of Web-Check or Self Service Kiosks at airports and with Australians’ well known love for new technology we believe this new service will be highly attractive to people whether they are frequent or irregular flyers.

“These investments by Jetstar represent further demonstration of our commitment to customer service and to make air travel easier and more accessible to more people to allow travel more often.”

Jetstar now operates to 19 Australian domestic destinations.

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