Jetstar statement

Statement on aviation safety from Qantas Group

The safety and health of customers and employees is the Qantas Group’s number one priority.

We have a comprehensive safety management system that guards against risks to our operations. This includes multi-layered systems to protect the flight deck on our aircraft.

We are monitoring the information coming out of the French investigation and considering if any changes to our existing safeguards are needed. This includes discussions with regulators.

Background on pilot health and safety

Psychometric testing is carried out as part of the recruitment process for pilots.

Periodic aeromedical tests are carried by doctors out once a year for pilots under 40 years old and every six months for pilots over 40.

Ongoing formal and informal performance monitoring is carried out for all pilots, and intended to identify any potential issues that may affect a pilot’s performance.

All pilots must complete regular Crew Resource Management training, which among other things includes training in stress management, teamwork, communication and behavioural awareness.

Like all employees, pilots have access to confidential counselling services and safety reporting channels.