Response to ACCC review of Australian airlines terms and conditions

Comments from Jetstar Group CEO, Gareth Evans

“We take our obligations under Australian Consumer Law seriously.

“We worked closely with the ACCC as part of its review of Australian airlines terms and conditions and in July made changes to the wording on our website and added information about customers’ rights under the Australian Consumer Law when flights are delayed or cancelled.

“We also updated our terms and conditions to make it easier for customers to understand when they are eligible for a refund.

“Like other low fares airlines in Australia and around the world, customers who purchase our cheapest fares cannot get a refund if they decide they no longer wish to travel.

“For customers who are likely to change their mind or need flexibility, we have a number of fare types that give them that option.”

More information:

What has changed?

We have updated the wording of our Conditions of Carriage and website to make it clearer when customers are able to get a refund:

· We have added a page to our website outlining passengers’ rights under the Australian Consumer Law and our Compensation and Refunds page has also been updated with a table (see below) to show the circumstances in which customers can get refunds or other remedies.

· We have also added links to our Australian Consumer Law information page in our Conditions of Carriage.

When does Jetstar provide refunds?

· When a flight is delayed by more than three hours or cancelled due to something within our control – like an engineering issue or a crew member being unwell – we move customers to the next flight or provide a refund.

· For situations outside our control, like poor weather, we are not required to provide refunds under Australian Consumer Law.

· However, during major incidents like the Bali volcanic ash cloud and flooding events we have given refunds or have offered other solutions for customers who have been significantly disrupted.