Jetstar bottles up praise for blankets made from plastic

You won't believe what Jetstar's blankets are made out of!

Jetstar has taken out two international sustainability awards for its use of a blanket made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.

The Australian low fares airline was awarded the Sustainability category at the Onboard Hospitality Awards as well as the Ethically Sustainable Amenity category at the Travel Plus Awards in Germany this week for its world-class ecoTHREAD blanket.

Jetstar Group Head of Product Nigel Fanning said they were thrilled that the airline’s sustainability efforts had been recognised.

“A year ago Jetstar became the first airline in the world to carry ecoTHREAD blankets onboard,” Mr Fanning said.

“We’ve since ordered more than 300,000 of these blankets, helping to divert more than 5.8 million plastic bottles from landfill.

“You could never tell by looking at or touching them, but these blankets are each made from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

“To create each blanket, 19 plastic bottles are recycled into plastic chips, which are transformed into thread and woven into fabric.

“When our customers see on the package that the blankets are made from plastic it does raise a few eyebrows but they love how comfortable they are and that by keeping warm on our flights they are helping the environment.

“We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment while providing a comfortable journey for our passengers, and offering environmentally friendly ecoTHREAD blankets onboard has helped us achieve both these goals.”

Jetstar Group is the leading low fares airline in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region. Passengers can enjoy ecoTHREAD blankets in both business and economy class on Jetstar Australia and New Zealand and Jetstar Asia flights.

Jetstar’s ecoTHREAD blankets are supplied by inflight experience specialists Buzz products.

Jetstar has a fleet of 11 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, one of the world’s most environmentally friendly aircraft, which are constructed with composite materials to minimise their fuel consumption.


Jetstar has taken out two international sustainability awards for its use of a blanket made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles

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Nan May Oo Myint
Hi this afternoon I had bought one way air ticket but I have not received e-ticket mail yet
Ameel (Jetstar)
Hi Evan and Craig – Thanks for your queries. These blankets behave like regular fleece blankets, and all of the items we carry onboard meet Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations. They are also not provided to passengers to be taken home, since reusing them is what helps us reduce our environmental footprint!
I agree with Evan, what is there flame retardant rating? what would be the impact on Jetstar if a passenger was to remove one form the aircraft and subsequently get injured form melting plastic??
I would be very interested to know how these blankets behave in a fire?