Jetstar Airways (JQ) changes to check-in, bag drop and boarding times come into effect

From today, Tuesday 23 May 2023, Jetstar customers are required to check-in and drop off their bags at least 40 minutes before departure of domestic services in Australia and New Zealand as part of measures to help flights get away on time more consistently. 

For services leaving from an international terminal, check-in and bag drop will now close 60 minutes prior to the flight's scheduled departure time. The boarding gate will close 20 minutes before departure for both domestic and international services.  

The time changes will continue to be communicated to customers by email, text message, at jetstar.com and through signage in terminals. 

It brings Jetstar’s check-in times in line with other low-cost carriers in Australia and globally and is just one way the airline is working to boost its punctuality and reliability for customers.  

Jetstar is also investing in new state-of-the art aircraft, with its eighth Airbus A321neo LR expected to join the growing fleet next month, with another 10 of the quieter and more fuel-efficient aircraft set to touch down in Australia by the end of next year.  

Other improvement measures include hiring more staff in customer service, engineering and operational roles and upgrading systems and processes. 

Jetstar’s Chief Operating Officer, Matt Franzi, said everyone at the airline is committed to getting Jetstar to its best.  

“Our teams have been working hard to improve punctuality and reliability and having more time to load bags and board customers will help us get our flights away on time more consistently,” said Mr Franzi.  

“We also have new highly efficient and reliable Airbus A321neo LRs joining our fleet, we’re hiring more staff, upgrading our systems and changing the way we manage spare parts. Combined, these initiatives will make a real difference to improving our overall performance.”