Influencing young minds

It’s never too early to start thinking about a career in aviation and, over the last year, team members from Jetstar Asia have met with students from three very different institutions to talk about just that.

In early 2013 our team members visited St. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School as part of the school’s Career Day to talk about their jobs as Jetstar Asia cabin crew. The students wanted to know what cabin crew life was like and what they would need to do to become cabin crew members when they grew up.

In mid-2013, as part of a community outreach programme, Jetstar Asia hosted a learning journey for a group of 33 engineering students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The school had requested a tour of Jetstar Asia’s airport operations so their students could get a real-world view of organisations bringing systems and processes to life. The three-hour programme included presentations by Barathan Pasupathi (Jetstar Asia CEO), Javier Massot (Head of Airport & Network Operations), and Al Sajwani (Network Operations Manager). It also included a behind-the-scenes tour of our airport operations which was conducted by Wendy Lim (Airport Manager) and Tracy Choo (Ground Ops Executive).

Finally, as part of a collaboration agreement between Jetstar Asia and Republic Polytechnic more than 11 students from the Diploma of Civil Aviation at the institution are currently serving internships at Jetstar Asia, with six of them flying as full-fledged cabin crew till February 2014. Other students are involved in document control management, fuel savings, and recurrent training schedule projects with the flying operations department. Recently Republic Polytechnic presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation for our support of their internship programme. Jason Tan (Head of Customer Service) delivered a speech to the school while Chan Choy Kee (Head of Flying Operations) was on hand to receive the award on behalf of Jetstar.

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