Earthquake in Christchurch and Jetstar services 1230

Jetstar wishes to provide a further update on the status of our New Zealand operations as a result of yesterday’s earthquake.

Christchurch International Airport is now open and Jetstar has recommenced its scheduled domestic and international operations to / from the Airport.

Our first domestic flight into Christchurch arrived at 1130 hours local today.

Jetstar’s first departing international service out of Christchurch will be Jetstar Flight JQ 166 Christchurch-Melbourne, scheduled to depart Christchurch at 1525 local and arrive into Melbourne Airport at 1715 (515pm Melbourne local time) this evening.

The first arriving Jetstar international services into Christchurch will be Jetstar Flight JQ 7101 (Melbourne-Christchurch), scheduled to arrive at 1945 (745pm) local time.

Beyond our regular scheduled services for Christchurch, Jetstar is already operating additional domestic and Trans Tasman flights to/from Christchurch to assist with customer recovery. (See background).

At this point in time, all flights departing Christchurch today are close to full.

Continuation of flexible fare arrangements for Jetstar Christchurch services

For affected customers and those undertaking near travel from/to Christchurch until and including Friday 25 February 2011, Jetstar continues to offer full flexibility in travel including refunds, re-routing or changes to travel dates/times for no fee.

Travel must be taken prior to 11 April 2011.

Jetstar Telephone Reservations can be contacted on 0800 800 995 (within New Zealand) and 131 538 (within Australia). Jetstar.com will be regularly updated with the latest information.

Given the demand for seats to/from Christchurch, priority today and tomorrow will be given to existing customers who have had their recent travel deferred and to customers requiring essential travel.

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Status of Jetstar flight operations:

Wednesday 23 February

At this point in time, a change in status of some Jetstar services for today (Wednesday 23 February) is as follows:

Additional ad-hoc Jetstar flights - Wednesday 23 February

All A320 operated. Departure and Arrival times shown

NZ Domestic

  • JQ 7276 Queenstown-Christchurch (1030 departure / 1130 arrival)
  • JQ 7303 Auckland-Christchurch (1200 departure / 1320 arrival)
  • JQ 7305 Auckland- Christchurch (1230 departure / 1350 arrival)
  • JQ 7306 Christchurch-Auckland (1420 departure / 1535 arrival)
  • JQ 7301 Auckland-Queenstown (0700 departure / 0840 arrival)

Trans Tasman

  • JQ 7101 Melbourne-Christchurch (1430 departure / 1945 arrival)
  • JQ 7102 Christchurch-Sydney (2045 departure / 2220 arrival)

Trans Tasman cancellations - Wednesday 23 February

  • JQ 140 Christchurch-Sydney (departure 0635 / arrival 0805)
  • JQ 172 Christchurch-Brisbane (0615 departure / 0710 arrival)
  • JQ 175 Brisbane-Christchurch (0750 departure / 1415 arrival)

New Zealand Domestic cancellations - Wednesday 23 February

  • JQ 244 Christchurch-Auckland (0640 departure / 0800 arrival)
  • JQ 247 Auckland- Christchurch (0835 departure / 0955 arrival)
  • JQ 246 Christchurch-Auckland (1035 departure / 1155 arrival)
  • JQ 248 Christchurch-Auckland (1135 departure / 1255 arrival)
  • JQ 251 Auckland- Christchurch (1335 departure / 1455 arrival)
  • JQ 270 Christchurch-Wellington (0715 departure / 0805 arrival)
  • JQ 273 Wellington-Christchurch (0835 departure / 0930 arrival)
  • JQ 245 Auckland-Christchurch (0640 departure / 0800 arrival)
  • JQ 277 Christchurch-Queenstown (0835 departure / 0930 arrival)
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