AUDIO | Jetstar CEO outlines plan to protect customer travel today

19 February 2020 - Jetstar Group CEO, Gareth Evans held a media door stop to discuss how Jetstar is protecting the travel plans of its customers today.

Listen to his remarks HERE 

This is in response to the Transport Workers Union:

Comments from Gareth Evans, Jetstar CEO

“We have a strong plan in place to protect our customers’ travel today. To minimise disruption we’ve consolidated some domestic services and moved other customers to Qantas flights.

“The majority of impacted customers will fly within a few hours of their original departure time and all customers will arrive at their destinations on the same day.

“We contacted affected customers over the weekend, and we thank them for their flexibility.

“The TWU needs to get in the real world. We’ve put on the table 3 per cent annual pay increases, a year’s worth of backpay as well as rostering benefits. That’s well above private sector wage growth and more than what most companies are offering.

“The TWU is completely out of touch on wages. And completely out of touch with what’s happening to local tourism and the nationwide effort to get communities back on their feet after a very difficult summer.”

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