2022 – A year in review: bargains, Bali and Bluey

Jetstar Airways is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the restart of international travel by releasing a list of its most popular destinations, menu items and inflight shows for 2022.

Demand for air travel in 2022 was strong, with Jetstar operating close to 130,000 flights and carrying 19 million passengers, almost double the number of passengers who flew in 2021.

One in every three fares booked was under $100, and 1.5 million of those sold for under $50, demonstrating Jetstar’s ongoing commitment to providing affordable travel.

One of the most popular menu items was Jetstar’s cheese and crackers, with nearly 700,000 served, followed by half a million of our famous toasties, and 136,000 litres of coffee.

Following a 600-day hiatus when borders to Singapore and Fiji reopened, Jetstar is now flying to 14 international destinations, with Bali still top of the must visit list, and the airlines’ domestic network has continued to expand.

Nine domestic routes were launched in 2022, including the expansion of our Canberra services and direct flights from Melbourne to Busselton were also introduced, bringing the total number of domestic destinations in Jetstar’s network to 21.

Jetstar’s CEO Stephanie Tully said it was great to be able to offer more low fares to more destinations, more often.

“2022 was a unique year for the aviation industry as we ramped up our operation after almost two years of little to no flying.

“And Australians wasted no time getting back in the air, which has seen us flying close to 100 per cent of our pre-COVID levels.

“This year has been about reunions, long-awaited holidays and making memories, and we’re incredibly proud of the role we’ve played in helping to make those experiences happen.”


·         Most popular domestic route:

o   Melbourne to Sydney

o   Sydney to the Gold Coast

·         Most popular international route:

o   Melbourne to Bali (Denpasar)

·         Flights:

o   close to 130,000 flights operated, that’s one flight every four minutes

·         Low fares:

o   one in three fares sold were or under $100

o   over 1.5 million fares sold for under $50

·         Customers:

o   close to 19 million passengers, enough to fill 190 MCGs

o   140,000 babies

o   250 service dogs

·         Luggage:

o   over 140 million kilograms of baggage was checked in, equivalent to more than one thousand Boeing 787s

·         Kilometres flown:

o   nearly 170 million kilometres or over 4,000 trips around the world

·         On board:

o   750,000 coffees

o   700,000 cheese and crackers

o   more than half a million Jetstar toasties

o   most watched program on our in-flight Entertainment was Bluey

·         Club Jetstar:

o   we’ve welcomed more than 180,000 new members – that’s three Optus Stadiums

About Jetstar

The Jetstar Group is one of Asia Pacific’s fastest growing airline brands with one of the most extensive ranges of destinations in the region. It is made up of Jetstar Airways (subsidiary of the Qantas Group) in Australia and New Zealand, Jetstar Asia in Singapore, Jetstar Pacific in Vietnam, and Jetstar Japan in Japan. Jetstar branded carriers operate up to 5,000 flights a week to more than 85 destinations. The Jetstar Group carried more than 37 million passengers in financial year 2017.