Introducing our new design onboard safety cards

How cool is the newly designed ‘Onboard safety instructions’ card for our Airbus A320 fleet! (Old card and comparison between old and new cards included for reference - and for 90s nostalgia purposes.)

If you’ve flown on our Boeing 787 Dreamliners you’ll have already seen safety cards that use this new design and colour scheme. Now that CASA have approved the rest of our safety card designs you’ll soon see them in our Airbus A320, A321 and A330 aircraft, as well.

We’ll miss all the funny comments you make about our existing cards, but at least people under twenty will now have a visual reference for which gadgets we’re talking about!

What do you think of the new A320 card?

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Ameel (Jetstar)
Hi Craig – we’ve changed our branding recently ( We’re now getting new onboard safety cards which will be rolled out across our fleet in coming months.
Craig Gurden
How long does it take to roll out new safety cards?The old ones were still on both my flights between Melbourne and Hobart last week!
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